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My Creative Values And Motivations

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

My creative values:

  • To raise awareness of wildlife and reconnect people with nature through engaging art

  • To support wildlife conservation through education that is accessible to all

  • To promote and encourage creative positivity and mindfulness


When I started taking commissions back in 2016, my only aim was to make a bit of pocket money to support me through my postgraduate education. I’d have laughed in your face if you told me that five years later I’d be trying my hardest to make art my full time job. Art was only ever a hobby for me. As my business has grown, so have both my motivations and values, and I’ve really found my voice as both a wildlife conservation artist and wildlife educator.

I’ve probably made it clear that my primary motivation is wildlife. The disconnect from nature that pervades today’s society concerns me, but equally I recognise it exists because the value of nature is only taught in economic terms. Not only that: we can shout all we like about how fast nature is disappearing, but nothing will ever change if we don’t empower people. I want my art to be a part of that process, a point of contact for people to stop and consider wildlife in a more emotive way – even if only fleetingly. My intention with every piece is to inspire empathy for wildlife on an individual level, to consider that singular animals strengths, worries, flaws and unique traits. With every watercolour I create I aim to honour the animals I paint, inspire viewers to connect with them, and educate people about just how amazing - and important - each individual animal is.

But my motivations don’t stop there – we’ve still got to tackle that last creative value, because what the heckie-hoo is “creative positivity?!” Well let me tell you a thing, my friend. Art is more accessible and transparent than it’s ever been, but there are still toxic perceptions which need their butt kicking, big time.

Creativity is an innate human behaviour, but there are so many false perceptions that gatekeep peoples engagement with it. I want to see creatives stop finding comfort in the negatives, and start seeking confidence from the positives; I feel it’s my responsibility to give people the tools so they can do just that. I’m super excited to be able to explore this more through a new course I am currently planning.

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