A Little More About Me

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Written as part of the #BehindTheBusiness Challenge - Day 1: "Meet The Team"

Today's prompt harbours a vague illusion of grandeur I can only dream of attaining as a small business owner. I’d absolutely love to delegate the varied and numerous responsibilities I have, but the reality is that the owner, artist, product engineer, packaging, accounts, marketing, shipping...it’s all me. Meaning I have to load in a skill I’m absolutely pants at, which is being consciously aware of myself enough to do that whole ‘introducing’ thing.

In the true spirit of “meet the team” we’re going to hail this conversation with an awkward “Hi, I’m Liselle” because a) I am a little awkward, and b) quite frankly, I can’t fathom how else to start this off! I'll be talking more about my professional journey in later posts, but my time in Zoology has absolutely shaped who I am. My determination to stick firmly to the feline biology path would see me well in Mirkwood Forest, but has been the bane of my superiors and colleagues. I really can be stubborn, but my perseverance has given me some incredible experiences working with everything from Tigers to Rusty-Spotted Cats. My heart firmly lies with their dapper braincases, so I'm obsessed with Cheetah skulls, and getting to handle one from the, now extirpated, Indian Cheetah - was immense.

I do an excellent job of creating the illusion that my entire personality revolves around wild cats – it kind of does - but you’ll be delighted to hear I do sometimes shut up about them. Because I’m also a history obsessed, neurodivergent, Victoria Wood fan with a penchant for Bioware games and eerie fantasy. My favourite Pokémon is Ninetails, and I will defend ITV's Vera Stanhope with my life. A mixtape from me would swing wildly from 70's rock, to soul and jazz, and I bloomin' love listening to music on the way to a sunny day out at a museum or zoo. Despite all that, I think the thing that describes me best is the fact I've sustained numerous injuries - including a broken ankle - while being distracted by the stars. Basically, I’m a clumsy mess of special interests stuffed into a human being. But then, aren’t we all in some capacity?

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