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Blurry Forest

I'm taking a break!

The last couple of years have been up and down for me with struggling to manage my various disabilities and keep up with my art etc. It's reflected in my art, my business, my social media posts, and - as someone who's work life is their whole life - it's only weighed me down further.

I'm relieved that I've had some help to find some support for my situation, so I am finally able to put my health first and rejiggle my life about. However, for the moment, that means I'm stepping away from the easel for until I can find joy in my wildlife art again. On the 31st March, I'll be removing the shop from my website; this includes my vast reference photography library, which I will subsequently offer only a small selection of via Wildlife Reference Photos.

Although this decision wasn't as difficult as it should have been because I'm so exhausted and 100% done with the pressure of creating to sell, I've a wealth of sadness over it. My art is the last tangible connection to my life as a zoologist; I hinged my whole future on making it as a feline biologist, and I truly feel I could have done great things. When that life was swept away from me due to my health, my art was all that remained. It's hard to go through that all again, but also this time have to completely step away from the one thing that has always defined my existence - my promise to be a voice for wild cats, and help them to show the world just how incredible they are.

I will be dabbling in oils for myself, and for a few charity events and other commitments, and at the moment I hope come back to sharing my work again in the future but I am not setting a timeline. Please give me a follow over on my Facebook, as that's where I will re-appear first. I don't plan to return to my Instagram or Tik Tok.

While I have lost my love for painting, my thirst to be creative has not left me and I am still doing fibre art over at the Museum Of The Woollen Otherworld on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok. There I preserve dragons and other unsettling beasts from the Woollen Otherworld, and share the taxonomy and lore I have created for them, as well as creating crochet sculptures of well known folkloric beasts. This crocher work is giving me great joy, and allowing me to pursue my love for fantasy, folklore, and storytelling; it would be great to have your support over on my socials there if that's your thing.


So I suppose this is bye for a little while on the art from, but hopefully not forever.

Liselle x

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