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About My Art

“The least I can do is speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves.”

- Jane Goodall

There has not been a moment in my life where my fascination of Ancient Egypt has not underpinned my existence. It consumed my brain well before any of my other interests, and has long been a comfort for my chronic anxiety. Where navigating modern society triggers chaos in my mind, considering the beliefs of those from the past restores order. As such, it was my childhood appreciation of the 'divine behaviour' of Ancient Egyptian deities that birthed my reverence for the natural world - eventually culminating in my pursuit of a career in wildlife conservation.


My art has evolved into an expression of the unique perspective I have of the natural world. It combines contemporary understandings of wildlife ecology, my own personal experiences with animals, and my deeply rooted appreciation for (and vague solidarity with) Ancient Egyptian cultural perspectives. It serves a functional purpose: each brushstroke renders my subject permanent, and the final painting is a vessel for that animals divine spirit. To all intents and purposes, my art is a representation of my apotheosis of wildlife on both a spiritual and scientific level.


Colour is a particularly defining element of my art: while I paint the animals themselves as I see them, they emerge from a vibrant, dynamic cloud of colour. Almost reminiscent of an amulet, the colours I choose hold specific meanings, imbuing each painting with particular stories and properties. My relationship with colour is heavily influenced by the iconology within Ancient Egyptian religious artworks, leading to my frequent use of golden yellows and green leaning blues - both often associated with divinity, life, and immortality. Transcending the limited colour palette of Ancient Egyptians, my interpretation of colour extends to the wealth of pigments available today. For example, as a mixture of blue and red, Purple can represent the balance (Ma'at) of a carnivores existence. While they are typified by their incredible power (red), they are vital in protecting the health of an ecosystem (blue).

Finally, a golden symbol depicting the Uraeus signs each of my paintings from 2022 onwards; conferring protection over and reiterating the divinity of the animal depicted.

My art is quite literally intended as a home for both the spirit of the animals I paint, and my effusive passion for them. With every piece I share, I hope the viewer feels a powerful connection to the animal. I aim to inspire, to educate, and to remind people of the eternal nature of life, and the value of ecological stability.