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Terms & Conditions 

The photographs on this site were all taken by me (Liselle-Fae Art) and are offered for use as art references. Your purchase of any photographs, and continued use of the website, constitutes your acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined below.

If you have any questions, then feel free to drop me a message here and I'll get back to you asap.


What do you get?

I ask for a small fee to support the time and effort that goes into each photo I take. This fee includes a watermark-free, high resolution download of the image, and a royalty-free license. The permissions outlined in the terms and conditions are only granted to the artist who purchased the photograph. You may use any photographs you've bought more than once, but copyright remains with myself, Liselle-Fae Art, as the photographer.

How can you use my photographs?

Purchasing a reference photo from me means you can use it to help you create a piece of art using painting, drawing, textile, paper or sculpting mediums. Digital art is also permissible, providing the piece is hand-painted. You may edit or manipulate the photograph to create a more appropriate reference to work from, providing you do not sell or distribute these photo edits. You are also allowed to sell any original artwork created using my photos in any form: including reproduction prints of your artwork or other products with your art printed onto. You are welcome to exhibiting your artwork, or enter it into any competitions (good luck, if so!). You are, of course, welcome to share your artwork on your website or in any promotional material. It is not necessary to credit me as the photographer, but it's always nice! You can also tag me on Facebook or Instagram and Tik Tok as @LiselleFaeArt.

What is not allowed?

You are not permitted to share, reproduce, or resell photographs with others, nor are you able to modify or use the photos to create digital photo-manipulations specifically for distribution or sale in any form.

Edcational Licences

As someone who is passionate about making art accessible to all, I'm more than happy for teachers and tutors to make use of the images on my website. Take a look at the information below, and get in touch via the contact form linked above if you're interested. ​If you do not plan to share the reference photo with others, then you can purchase a photograph as normal without the need for an additonal licence. Class use only This allows you the use of the reference photo for the purposes of the taught sessions, and gives your students the chance to use the reference in class too. It does not give your students permission to sell the artwork or any reproductions of it commercially. The cost of this option is £3.50 for your use of the photograph + £1 per student Class & commercial use This allows you the use of the reference photo for the purposes of the taught sessions. It also gives your students the chance to use the reference photo in class, and also sell the artwork they produce as per the terms and conditions on the previous page (where relevant).  The cost of this option is £3.50 for your use of the photograph, plus an additional cost per student as follows:  - 0-10 students - £3.50 per student - 10-20 students - £3 per student - 20+ students - £2.50 per student

Stock Photographs

I have set this page up as a resource for artists, but if you are looking to use a photograph to accompany some material then I may be willing to offer a stock photo license to you. Typically, I only offer this when the context my photograph will be used in benefits the animals depicted in some way. Get in touch to chat with me about this.

Blurry Forest

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