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This is an original oil painting of a Margay, painted by Liselle-Fae Art in the alla prima style. This piece comes unframed and unmounted to allow you to choose your own frame that matches your decor.



The Margay is a small wild cat native to South America, and is often mistaken for the larger Ocelot. It is one of my absolute favourite small cat species, and I'm excited to finally have made the time to paint one - you don't often see them in art! Although Ancient Egyptian deities are usually connected with species historically found in Africa, as a modern day pagan I am privileged to be able to connect my practice with a much wider breadth of animals. The quiet strength and tenacity of the Margay always puts me in mind of Bast (𓎯𓏏𓏏). This painting was done vaguely in honour to that aspect of this curious little cat, and it happened to turn out with a vibe reminiscent of one of Bast's epithets "she who dispels darkness" - after which the piece is named.



- Oil on linen board

- Approximate Size: 8x10"

- Comes with a certificate of authenticity and care sheet

She Who Dispels Darkness

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