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Useful Links

 Below are a bunch of resources you might find useful which I have links to - either as an affiliate or just because I use them regularly. Click the logo to visit their website.

Ken Bromley


Rosemary & Co


My Reference photos

Wildlife Reference Photos


One of my favourite art suppliers, with everything you need to feed your creativity! Click this referral link to receive 5x the normal reward points on your first order.


Wildlife Reference Photos is a fantastic resource for artists looking to directly support photographers. Click this link to visit my gallery as a contributing photographer.


One of my favourite art suppliers, with everything you need to feed your creativity and lots of resources to learn from too. Click this affiliate link to visit their website and place your first order!


My go to brushes! I'm proud to be an affiliate for Rosemary & Co; you can click the affiliate link above or enter LISELLEFAEART at the checkout. Professional quality and affordable, Rosemary & Co handmake their brushes here in the UK, but ship worldwide. My most used brushes are the Series 316 Pointed Cat's Tongues, and the Series 230 mini rigger is great for painting whiskers!


Art Supplies

Growing your creativity

AAA LOGO_Black on White.jpg

I'm proud to be chairperson for the AAA - an inclusive and supportive group for artists who appreciate the natural world


List of art competitions

Su Melville Business Mentoring/Costing For Creatives


Wildlife Conservation


Save The Rhino International is a world leading Rhino conservation charity. In 2021 I desgined "Jaya The Greater One-Horned Rhino" to feature on their products. Click this link to visit their shop.




Small Wild Cats Cons

Fishing Cat Cons

Bat Conservation Trust

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