Classes and Events

I am particularly passionate about making art more accessible to the general public through teaching, demos, and live painting at events. I think it is hugely important to show people the love and skill that goes into a piece of artwork, but also entice them to unlock their creative energy too. 


In 2018, I designed a 5-week watercolour course aimed at beginners. It proved to be a hugely popular, and rewarding, class where my pupils praised my "down-to-earth" and "patient" teaching style. I also teach crochet, and will be beginning work as a 1-1 tutor soon too. Do get in contact if you would like me to run a class at your establishment.

Class Calendar 2019:
I'm currently reworking all my classes to make them more accessible and affordable - watch this space!




I regularly attend local craft fairs, where I always paint live and engage with the public. I am also available to book for demo's and talks - either at events, or for smaller groups. Please contact me if you are interested in my attending an event you are holding.