Liselle-Fae Biography

Liselle-Fae is a wildlife conservation artist and educator who produces vibrant, contemporary watercolour portraits of animals. Taking inspiration from her experience training and working in wildlife conservation, she strives to create paintings that capture the enigmatic spirit of wildlife. Not only this, but Liselle hopes to inject others with the awe and enthusiasm she has for animals, and raise awareness of species which are endangered or misunderstood - especially wild cats. Liselle is currently proud to be chairperson of the Association Of Animal Artists, and a keen wildlife educator - focusing on wild cats.

Although her life now revolves around art, Liselle's background is actually in zoology -specifically cat behaviour & anatomy - and she has no formal training in the arts. In 2012, she pursued a BSc Animal Behaviour where she avidly chased her passion for cats: interning at the Big Cat Sanctuary, volunteering with Cats Protection, writing an article on cheetah physiology for biosphere magazine, and finally completing a dissertation studying captive-wild cat behaviour. While studying in Cornwall, Liselle rediscovered her love of art - using it as a tool to help her relax away from a busy academic schedule. 


After graduating from the University of Exeter Liselle continued to indulge her passion for art, rediscovering watercolours and a love of colour along the way Her palette and brushes then accompanied her to Manchester, where she studied a PGDip in Zoo Conservation Biology, specialising in cat anatomy and behaviour alongside volunteering at Manchester Museum. It was during this period, Liselle decided to take her first commissions in time for christmas 2016 - she hasn't looked back. 

Liselle still uses her art as a vessel to explore her ongoing passion for the natural world. Though her work appears somewhat carefree, wrapped up in that energy is a story about that animals determination to survive - and thrive – in spite of the perilous position we have pushed our natural world towards. With every painting Liselle endeavours to create a moment that reminds the viewer how animals are full of just as much life and emotion as they themselves are. 

You can read more about Liselle over on her blog here


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