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Watercolour painting of a black leopard panther

I am an award winning wildlife conservation artist and educator who produces vibrant, contemporary watercolours. Taking inspiration from Ancient Egyptian iconology and my experiences in wildlife conservation, I strive to create paintings that capture the enigmatic spirit of wildlife. Not only this, but I hope to inject others with the awe and enthusiasm I have for animals, and raise awareness of species which are endangered or misunderstood - especially wild cats. I am currently proud to be chairperson of the Association Of Animal Artists, and am passionate about encouraging others to curate a positive relationship with their creativity.

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Although I now work as a full time artist, my background is actually in wildlife conservation and I have no formal training in the arts. While studying for my BSc Animal Behaviour and PGDip Zoo Conservation Biology, I specialised in wild cat behaviour and, eventually, comparative anatomy. I have experience working with cats and other animals as a zookeeper, behavioural researcher, museum specimen preparator, tiger vocalisation analyst, and have even written an article on Cheetah physiology for Biosphere magazine.


It was during my postgraduate studies that I began to take pet portrait commissions and, during a period of ill health, I decided to step back from my career in wildlife conservation to heal while focusing on my art. I now use my art as a vessel to explore my ongoing passion for animals, and desire to reconnect others with the natural world. My signature style incorporates a bold and energetic use of colour, which is inspired by iconology in Ancient Egyptian art.

In 2021, I was commissioned by Save The Rhino International to paint a Greater One-Horned Rhino for their new product range. In the same year, I took part in Explorers Against Extinction's "Sketch For Survival" Campaign, where I was a finalist. I have also won awards with The Association Of Animal Artists, for whom I am now Chairperson, and have been privileged to judge their Inaugural Chairman's Award in 2022. I featured in episode 11 of the podcast "Cats Of The Wild".  

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