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Contemporary art inspired by the vibrancy of the wildlife we share the planet with.

Giving animals a voice through art

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 Honour    Inspire    Educate 

The diversity of life on Earth is astounding, even in the face of an extinction crisis, but in our race for survival we have forgotten just how spirited each animal we live alongside is. Bolstered by an academic background in feline biology, inspired by colour and iconology in Ancient Egyptian art, and and armed with my unique, autistic perspective of the world I am an artist on a mission: to encourage empathy for wildlife on an individual level.


When I paint, I don't look to depict a species as a whole but instead a unique individual, considering their  potential strengths, worries, flaws and distinct traits. With every piece I create I aim to honour the animals I paint, inspire viewers to connect with them, and educate people about just how amazing - and important - life is.